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Hong Kong is not only known for its wonderful cities and great places (not to mention Disney Land!), it’s also known for it’s stylish people and avant-garde fashion. Last week I set foot in Hong Kong and visiting some of it’s cities. For two days I was surrounded by these amazing people. Unfortunately I was unable to get many pictures, but I’ll share with you what I liked about their style.


One thing I noticed was that they really like to wear awesome bags. Honestly, there were many that caught my attention and would catch yours too. I also noticed that hats are also very popular. When we went to Mong Kok, a place where you can buy inexpensive items of clothing or even souvenirs, I saw a lot of guys sporting their caps and girls wearing cute hats and beanies.

Of course, if you’re in a place like Hong Kong where it can get pretty cold, then you’re likely to own more coats, knee-high socks, gloves and jackets. When those are the statement pieces in your wardrobe, you’d opt for more colourful items and different styles. That’s why I appreciate the fashion there; it’s adorable and cute. It kind of reflects their culture which is really colourful and really fun. I for one, have become a fan of their fashion and style. Who can blame me? It’s really likeable.


And lastly, my favourite ever are shoes! Of course, there were a lot of high heels, boots and CREEPERS! These babies are just so so cute!

Hong Kong is loveable. I know after reading this post, you’ll definitely be thinking of going there in the near future.


So what do you think guys? Do you appreciate Hong Kong Fashion as much as I do? I hope you like it!

Till the next post!

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