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Last year, we saw the crop top make a huge appearance in the summer trends, as all different kinds of styles, patterns and colours bombarded the shop windows. And this year, it seems they’re here to stay!

With summer (hopefully) just around the corner, I thought I’d put together some different ideas featuring different ways of styling this  simple, yet versatile, purple vest crop top from Missguided, which is now only £2.39. Bargain!

Look 1

PrettyLittleThing Tartan Blazer

Tartan Blazer Jacket
Pretty Little Thing – £35

MissGuided Vest Crop Top

Vest Crop Top
MissGuided – £2.39

Boohoo Floral Print Skort

Floral Print Skort
Boohoo – £15

MissGuided Jelly Sandals

Jelly Sandals
MissGuided – £11.99

MissGuided Gold Pyramid Necklace

Gold Pyramid Necklace
MissGuided – £7.99

The Skort

I am absolutely loving skorts at the moment; they’re so practical behind the misleading skirt appearance from the front. Floral print has returned once again for SS14, and I do like the way the print appears to have been painted on, gifting it a more elegant appeal, as well as the huge variety of colour making it appear so brilliantly vibrant. I would also add this tartan jacket to the crop and skort team as I do like to mix trends together and these floral and tartan choices seem to work just the treat! The otherwise monochrome jacket with the slither of red adds an urban, yet slightly retro edge to the whole outfit.

Taking a trip down memory lane, I am loving the comeback of the jelly shoes, coinciding with the skort, from the 90s. This glittery pair are super cute and would pretty much go with anything else, and would make teaming with either socks or tights perfectly acceptable. Statement necklaces are huge this summer and I love the subtlety of these hollow shapes, yet the dramatic triangular effect.

Look 2

Boohoo Floral Kimono

Floral Kimono
Boohoo – £15

MissGuided Vest Crop Top

Vest Crop Top
MissGuided – £2.39

MissGuided Asymmetric Skirt

Asymmetric Skirt
MissGuided – £14.99

New Look Wooden Platform Heels

Wooden Platform Heels
New Look – £29.99

New Look Envelope Clutch

Panel Envelope Clutch
New Look – £15.99

The Asymmetric Skirt

There’s a rather unique looking factor of asymmetric skirts that I do really like about them. Between the cross diagonal of the wrap style and the colour contrast, this skirt is made to hold a dramatic effect, that is adorably softened by the spring-like pastel colours. Pairing this with the crop top simply adds more to the colour block style. I am yet to purchase a kimono, but I love the floaty affect that they bring to an outfit, in this case harmonizing with the soft pastels of the skirt. The floral print prevents the otherwise colour block trend from being too overpowering, whilst the detail of the pattern adds a level of excitement, restricting the outfit from being too plain.

These cream platform heels transforms the outfit, making it perfect for a summer evening outing. Again, the leather-look finish of the pastel straps work extremely well with the pastels of the skirt making them an ideal combo. This little clutch adds more to the colour block theme going on in this outfit as the pastel pallet compliments the skirt, toning down the dramatic effect of the dark coloured top.

Look 3

Boohoo Longline Blazer

Longline Blazer
Boohoo – £20

MissGuided Vest Crop Top

Vest Crop Top
MissGuided – £2.39

Topshop Ginghan Jeans

Gingham Print Jeans
Topshop – £38

Topshop Ankle Socks

Lace Trim Ankle Socks
Topshop – £3.50

Schuh Converse All Stars

Converse Trainers
Schuh – £45

The Gingham Joni Jeans

Lately, gingham print has all of a suddenly being taking over the shop racks and rails, and if you’re a Topshop regular, you’ve most likely already accustomed to the variety of high waisted and super super skinny Joni jeans in all their sorts and colours. I think that these gingham ones work really well with the plain crop top as a clash of busy patterns are prevented. For the same reason, I would also add a plain blazer to this outfit. The orange does slightly clash against the purple top, but it’s nothing too over the top, making it actually work quite well. The longline style of the blazer also prevents it from appearing too formal, adding a casual twist to the office necessity.

I seem to have lost count of the amount of lace trimmed socks I have actually purchased from Topshop. They’re so adorable and cute and hard not to love! This baby pink pair work really well with the white converse, a popular colour choice, and add a dainty, girly appeal to the trainer style shoe.

Look 4


New Look Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket
New Look – £24.99

MissGuided Vest Crop Top

Vest Crop Top
MissGuided – £2.39

Boohoo Midi Skirt

Geometric Midi Skirt
Boohoo – £10

Topshop Heel Sandals

2Part Heel Sandals
Topshop – £28

New Look Tassel Bib Necklace

Tassel Bib Necklace
New Look £12.99

The Midi Skirt

Aztec print is actually one of my favourite trends, and I love this Aztec printed midi skirt! The metallic gold works excellently with the dramatic geometric shapes, making the attire ideal for both daytime and evenings, whist the midi styles emphasizes an elegant and sophisticated silhouette.  The marble effect of acid wash trend is combined with classic denim, forming a retro style to this jacket. I think that it makes the outfit appear slightly more casual and definitely creates a spring/summer vibe!

These metallic sandals harmonize beautifully with the metallic featured in the skirt, contributing to the retro effect that the denim jacket brings. Also orchestrating with the aztec print of the skirt, this geometric zigzag necklace definitely screams a statement! I like the way it adds a detail to the crop top, making it stand out in a way that isn’t too loud against the fairly busy pattern of the skirt.

Will you be sporting the crop top trend? How will you be styling them?

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