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I’ve been buying lots of new clothes for autumn and college and I put together my favourite black and white outfit. This outfit is my favourite autumn outfit as it is really simple but perfect for the weather because it’s not too warm and its too thin of when its cold.

This camisole is one of my newest items (Pritty Petal Boutique) and its also one of my favourites! It is cream with a scallop edge on the bottom and its beautiful! The material is really good quality and its quite thick.

I’ve had these jeans (topshop) for about a year now and they’re still my favourite and comfiest jeans that I own. They are from the Joni range so they are high waisted (win) and the material is really stretchy so you can go a size down on them. However, through washing / wearing them all the time they have faded so I just dyed them black and they’re as good as new!

I found this Cardigan online (H&M) and I just had to get it so I went shopping and purchased it! It is so comfy and the material isn’t scratchy like some other cardigans. Its great to just throw on over an outfit or leave in your bag for a windy day.

I’ve paired this outfit with some Black Chelsea Boots (New Look) and a white, black and blue tote bag (asos). The leather effect Chelsea boots make the outfit look more classy and the bag introduces some more colour as it has some pastel blue on it. The bag is really big so it fits a lot in and the straps are the perfect length to put over your shoulder so the bag is snug under your arm!

I think this nail varnish (nails inc.) looks lovely with the outfit as it matches the blue on the bag.

what are your favourite autumn colours and do you have an autumn outfit idea you’d like to share?

thanks for reading! xo

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