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In the second of our Interviews with the winners of the #INTOLook competition we chat with Sanj, a student at INTO University of Newcastle, where he’s currently studying Biomedical Sciences. Check out his view’s on Style and fashion below:

Sanj 1


So  Sanj, how would you describe your style?

Classic, functional and neutral pieces are combined to create on-point looks that require very little effort or time to curate and perfect. With innate versatility in hand, ‘Urban Gentleman’ would be a term that describes me.

Sanj 2

Nice! So where does an ‘Urban Gentleman’ shop?

I don’t have a specific place as to where I shop. However there are certain shops such as TOPMAN that I head over to occasionally, to observe the latest trend in town. With the easy accessibility of the internet, online shopping has allowed me to carry out shopping with greater ease.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing that you own?

 It would be a River Island Black denim with leather sleeves jacket.

So who’s your greatest style inspiration?

No one individual thing inspires me in fashion. Instead, I am caught between 3 favorite style icons -Pharrell Williams (whatever the occasion, his style is fluid and ever-shifting), Johnny Depp (part grunge, part bohemian and part eccentric millionaire) and T.I. (risk-taker who’s equally likely to be seen in a slick three-piece black tuxedo as he is in a peach-colored dress shirt or a pair of loose-fitting jeans). The main idea is to be outside conventional boundaries of style. I prefer to characterize individuality, and boy it sure is better when characterized with charisma. Style is inward-driven. My style develops as I discover more about myself. I do ideas from what other folks are doing but my style begins and ends with me.

Sanj 8

Do you have any fashion tips you can share with us?

Do not chase the whimsical winds of fashion. Forget trends and instead express yourself through what you wear. Be appropriate and take note that function should be of a higher priority than fashion. With this in mind, you would ensure that the contents in your wardrobe are timeless, and that you appearance is the best it can be.


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