• Add a Tropical Touch to your Outfit with Palm Tree Pattern Prints

    Prints are everywhere this season. From tasteful two pieces to patterned pants, our bodies are being dressed in the most colourful fabrics possible. But the perfect print for summer has to be the palm tree print. It’s all over the high street and online at the moment and I’ve pick out my three favourite items […]
  • Festival Fashion: Top 5 Must Haves

    Gone are the days when parkers and wellies were the definition of festival fashion. Why? Because Coachella happens. And our ever growing social networking community – twitter, blogger, instagram – ensures that A-list celebrities at that Californian dream away have more of an impact on the globally noted festival fashion than a saner (not so […]
  • Let Your Top Do The Talking: 16 Spieling Slogan Tees

    Slogan tops one of the biggest celebrity fashion trends at the moment. Most celebrities such as Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung have been spotted out and about wearing one. Slogan tops have pretty bold statements that say what you want without you having to say anything at all. Plus, they are pretty cool […]
  • Summer Must Have – Denim!!

    Hey dolls! I’m back with another post and for today’s post I’ll be talking about an essential item that everyone needs in their wardrobe for summer; denim! Denim is an essential all year round but even more so in the summer because of it’s immense versatility and numerous varieties. It is extremely easy to style […]
  • Colour Your Wardrobe Like Kate Middleton: Embrace the ‘Banana’

    After Kate Middleton stepped out in a bright yellow Roksanda Ilincic dress, I’ve seen the colour everywhere. She told one fan that William said she ‘looked like a banana.’ Well Wills, I’m sorry to say I’m shouting ‘embrace the banana!’ Warehouse have a large range of yellow items, including this jacquard notch neck top. It’s […]
  • A Simple Shift Dress

    Sleek and elegant. The shift dress first graced us with it’s presence in the 1920s, being a hit with the flapper girls. It then made a reappearance in the 1960s with famous faces such as Twiggy sporting the look. Now we’re seeing them everywhere on the high street and they’re one of the easiest items […]
  • Styling Staples: 4 Ways to Style A Plain Crop Top

    Last year, we saw the crop top make a huge appearance in the summer trends, as all different kinds of styles, patterns and colours bombarded the shop windows. And this year, it seems they’re here to stay! With summer (hopefully) just around the corner, I thought I’d put together some different ideas featuring different ways […]
  • Bullring’s Spring Fashion Fix: Style Fix Workshop

    On Wednesday the 16th, Bullring hosted the Spring Fashion Fix event, in which we got the chance to look at the key trends of this year’s spring/summer season. The event consisted of workshops and consultations in both fashion and beauty from several shops that can be found in the Bullring, like the free make up […]
  • Styling Staples: 1 Skirt, 3 Looks

    Hello again, I am back with another fashion/styling post that might just come in handy for you. Since the weather seems to be having mood swings, I thought I would create a autumn to spring transitional fashion post that combines some of the up and coming trends as well as ones from last year and ones […]