UGG Australia Meets 90s Hip Hop Street Style

    The Creative Council Collection from UGG Australia provides some great footwear from classic ‘UGG Boots’ to wedges, there’s something for everybody. We especially liked this pair of cream high tops. The Cayha Woven High Tops manage to marry the retro swag of high tops with a modern chic appeal through the elegant use of the woven pattern. […]
  • 20 Spring Essentials £20 and Under!!

    So spring is finally here and it’s that time of the year to give your wardrobe a makeover and shake-up! However, being a student and living on a budget it’s not always economical to give your wardrobe a complete makeover and that’s why I’ve tailor made this post for anyone out there that wants to […]
  • Wish List: New Look SS14 Favourites

    I love to spend an evening online shopping, and scrolling through EVERYTHING shops have to offer. I’m addicted! Never normally do I go for New Look but recently their new collections have been wow-ing me completely! AW13 captured me and now the SS14 collection has surpassed my expections. Cheap prices plus Student Discount has reinstated […]
  • Flashback to Film Noir Fashion

    Any Pretty Little Liars fans out there will understand where my inspiration for this post has come from. In the latest episode of the US teen drama we were taken back in time to a beautiful era full of wasp waists and fur coats. I am of course talking about film noir. In the episode […]
  • Crème de la Crop (Tops)

    Big up to Flashdance and all of the other wonderful 80’s aerobic fanatics for introducing us to the phenomenon that is crop tops. It has only been a few years since their massive comeback and began being a summer wardrobe staple to those who are not 90’s pop sensations but here’s to hoping they are […]
  • How To Style the White Cami

    Over the past 4 seasons, the Chiffon Cami has flooded the high street. You can pick up these gorgeous floaty tops anywhere at the moment. So today’s post will show you how I style the basic white Cami that is now a complete style staple in my wardrobe, hopefully inspiring you with a few ideas […]
  • Monochrome Madness

    Season after season monochrome appears on the high street in all shapes and sizes. It never seems to disappear meaning that if you’ve got a little extra money to spend this month it would be completely acceptable to spend that little bit extra on a slightly more expensive piece. I have searched high and low […]
  • Autumn Casual Outfit With Fahmida

    Student Fashion contributor, Fahmida, shows off a simple casual look for those warmer autumn days. The combination of the  jumper and leather leggings provide warmth and are perfect for eliminating the autumn chill. This simple look is ideal for when you’re out and about especially when comfort is a priority. The best casual looks are […]