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To all avid readers, you may remember me showcasing a certain young Liverpool based fashion designer, Kerry Crone, a while back. I for one was pretty much dilly dazzled when I saw her collections in a Christian Aid ROGUE fashion show in March. Ever since then I’ve been eager for her to send me more of her innovative and lustrous works so I know I’m not missing out on any of her lovely designs. And boy oh boy, has the girl delivered.

The Liverpool John Moores fashion design student has created a woman’s wear collection consisting of four awe inspiring outfits and its theme is heavily embedded on the ancient Mayans and the human body. So what has exactly catalysed the darling designer to be inspired by such a quirky and distinctive theme?

“I decided to look at the ancient Mayans as I am influenced by travel and other cultures,” said Kerry.

“During December 2011 I went on a trip travelling around the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico where I collected research including photography and sketches of architecture and carvings at archaeological sites including Uxmal, Chitzen-Itza, Coba and Tulum.”

“I also looked at traditional and historical Mayan dresses. From this research I created a collection of prints which I have incorporated into garment design, using screen print.”

It is evident then from looking at these stimulating stylish images broadcasting Kerry’s collection that a lot of insightful thought has gone into creating such up-scale and structural designs.

The prints and embellishments are absolutely intricately designed to precision and are skilfully complimented by Mayan colours of taupe, stone influenced by architecture and jungle and ALSO breath breathtakingly beautiful blues and jades – jade being the most popular stone used by the Mayans.

But what gives her collection the most allure and supplies an inevitable gravitational pull to all fashion followers everywhere is her garment shaping. Based on the human skeleton and focusing mainly on the spine and rib cage regions her designs are sure to flatter your stylish skeleton frame into a bundle of human bones flawlessness.

Alongside the garments, Kerry has also been inspired by her elevated theme to create a secondary range of incredible accessories, creating necklaces from laser cut plastics and customising shoes. A pair of which are shown below. Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo? Remember…certain stylish spikes can impale so if I were you…I’d watch your shoe designing backs!

Kerry Crone’s shoe accessories. How amazing please?! Enough to make any top of the range shoe designer jealous.

Behold mortals and take an inward breath of admiration at the transcendent azul collection. Taken at a Liverpool Central location, her campaign is indeed landmarking the excellence of student designers from the Liverpool region.

I am absolutely and irrationally fascinated and drawn in by the above blue dress with layered prints and patterning. I could totally imagine wearing this little topaz beauty at award winning white collared event, prom/graduation ball or even to the good al racecourse.

The peplum top and brown pants with an a energizing blue stripe also would make me fall weak at false tanned knees. The whole outfit provides a refreshing dressy and glamorous alternative to a traditional summer frock and is very Celine tailoring meets McQueen structuring and colouring.

All in all I feel her whole Spring/Summer tells a story. About a powerful, modernised and contemporary Ice Queen? Who knows! (The connotations of such art work of course can be your oyster…)

However it is not just a story though, this collection is clearly immersed lost and drawn up in its own stylish and compelling agricultural narrative. Just by looking at these glorious images I feel as if I’m deeply drawn into wild world of the Yucatan peninsula. And if this is the inspiration that comes out of such a blessed place then I hypothetically never want to leave. The beautiful shades of jade have undeniably become my new style rock.

Beautiful ensembles, beautiful accessories and beautiful models to top it all off, a perfect design campaign noi? Kerry’s dare defying collection may look as cold as razor-sharp ice but the female response of her looks is nothing short of hot, hot, hot. Hopefully Kerry will continue to keep making prominent and high tide waves in the fashion world.

Words By Gemma Jones

Photography by Kerry Crone.

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