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By Guest Blogger: Daniel Dunt – Editor/Creator – That’s So New York

Forever 21, is a single label within a chain of retailers (others including: I ‘Heart’ H-81, Forever 21 Girls (Children’s Wear), Twelve by Twelve and 21Men (Men’s Wear).

The brand offers artistic, unique, and preppy/student friendly designs, suitable for all-year-round whilst obtaining hot spring/summer collections.

Forever 21 has been using a range of vintage-modern designs, taking inspiration from some popular collections this year. Designers Include: Victoria Beckham (Nude/Neutral Wear), Topshop (Vintage Based) and the unforgettable Prada S/S 2011 collection (Overpowering Colour and Pattern).

Yes it is a fact that Forever 21 offers a little bit of everything, but one word you would not be hearing whilst speaking about some of our favourite Catwalk designers would be, ‘affordable’. This is one of the many advantages of the Forever 21 label when compared to the high-end designer brands. It is well within a student budget.

In terms of styling, we all know Vintage is a must have this spring/summer. Going back centuries brings new light to vintage classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s and Forever 21 does not intend to miss out on the trend. Simply browse their online or retail stores to see how popular these items are.

The picture above highlights some of Forever 21s offerings which are considered ‘must haves’ this spring/summer. These include: Vintage Leather Messenger Bag, Canvas Clutch Bag, Oversized Sunglasses, Pleated Skirts, Cape Coats and Denim Dresses.

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