• French Connection Review: Part Two

    Part Two of my French Connection review. Read the first part here. Part Two is my review of the Anna Lace dress. The dress comes in three colours- ultra blue, strawberry and this bluish green colour, lake. I was very, very tempted by the strawberry colour, but I was talked into going for the turquoise […]
  • French Connection Review: Part One

    A few weeks ago, I was ecstatic to be asked to review some French Connection clothing for SFB. French Connection always has beautiful clothing, but is always a little outside of my price range. I am definitely more of bargain shopper — I love my Primark, H&M and Forever 21 — but over the last […]
  • Basics in Fashion Design: Styling [Book Review]

    As a wannabe fashion journalist, styling has always interested me. I have read some books on styling with little or no success or inspiration, and then I read this book. The best thing about this book is its mix of visual examples and interesting, easy-to-follow text. It also includes different aspects of styling you can […]
  • Stuff You Need to Know for University [Book Review]

    Stuff You Need to Know for University by Richard Osbourne, does not promise the world. It does not promise everything you need to know before you embark upon your degree. And in the introduction it makes no bones about the fact that while it has attempted to cover as much as possible, by trying to […]
  • Book Review: “Fashion Drawing: Illustration Techniques for Fashion Designers”

    Coming from someone who spends most of her waking hours drawing figures from catwalking.com and who has spent many of her primary school years locked in her room profusely drawing comic book characters at the time, I would have to say I genuinely like this book. It covers more than what I have found spread […]
  • Book Review: “Marketing Fashion”

    Marketing in the fashion industry can be a mixed blessing. But it’s a great way to move up the career ladder, meet your most favoured celebs while working with them on their new clothing line, and seeing how to best fit their offerings with the growing trends of a global market. Marketing fashion goes hand […]
  • StaceyLoves…Get the Label

    Who are Get the Label? Clothing website, Get The Label (GTL) is an online fashion store (and mail-order catalogue) selling clothing, footwear and accessories often with up to 75% off. A relative newbie to the online clothing market (launched in 2009) GTL have quickly become a varied and impressive retailer. Though they cater for men, women […]
  • StaceyLoves… T Shirt Studio

    Set up by “likely lads” Dave and Howard, T Shirt Studio.com offers a range of products “Personalised by you… Printed by us”. They have kindly offered up some of their custom-printed items for us at SFB to review – here goes!   Contrary to what the name may suggest, they do not just print T-Shirts. […]
  • Men’s Rotary Dial Chronograph Watch

    The Swiss are known for three things: chocolate, private banking, and yep you guessed it, watches. More specifically, the Swiss are all about precision. It is imbued in all things Swiss. For example, their folk hero William Tell is said to have successfully shot and split an apple from his son’s head with a swift bolt […]