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I somehow managed to be surprised by the format of this urban culture showcase. Knowing very well this part fashion show, part music concert would obviously consist of musical talent and fashion designers, little did I know the performers and models would be gracing the catwalk simultaneously. This of course had the potential to be a recipe for disaster, as high energy performers whizzed up and down the catwalk, not always aware of their surroundings, however the numerous near collisions aside, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

I love music but my palette is very selective and I most certainly was not looking forward to the performances, but was eager to see the designers on show. This format works well because it appeases the music fans and fashion fans in one swift swoop. So whether you were in attendance with an ear set solely on the music or an eye solely set on the fashion, there’s no waiting on what you were there for.

Despite not expecting much from the music before hand I must say the stand out musical performance by far for me was from Rachel Kerr. I hate to do it but I can’t help but draw comparisons to Beyonce in the energy and movement in her performance as she graced the catwalk with feline ferocity. She was also the only performer to be accompanied by a live band which was revealed on a small stage behind the main screen. Other headline artists included Angel and Fuse ODG.

All that said some revelers were left disappointed, why exactly I’m not 100% sure, but my take from it was that a previous edition of the event left them with high expectations. Another criticism I came across was that there was no high fashion on show, well it’s an urban show, displaying urban influenced designers for an urban audience, what does one expect?

As someone who went with an open mind and minimal expectations I was pleased and pleasantly surprised and wouldn’t mind showing my face at the next one. All in all, if you’re into urban fashion and music then this makes for a great show.

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