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Now may not be the best time to be ‘stupid’ (yes, exams mania and all) but Diesel is offering the chance to win £50,000 — not cash, but a full budget to execute your highly creative, very ‘stupid’ idea!

To enter, all you have to do is answer the question: How would you be stupid with 50 K?

What is stupid? Diesel’s campaign’s ethos suggests that risk-taking, discovery, and achievement often take place without the safety net of reason.

The Diesel team suggest ideas could range from taking your band on a world tour of the UK, to creating 50 pieces of art and then leaving them in random locations throughout Europe.

To enter, submit your idea of how you would be stupid with £50,000, or if you’re feeling creative draw, take pictures or film your idea either by going down to the Diesel store on Carnaby Street in London where you can film yourself explaining your brilliantly stupid suggestions or post the link to either your flickr or youtube account using the following link:


The competition closes on 31st of August, so you got plenty of time to finish off exams then get cracking on some stupid ideas!

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