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Graduate Fashion Week is not your comfy black leggings; it’s your risky ‘can you see too much bum cheek in these?’ short shorts. It’s not safe and familiar, it’s daring and innovative.

Initially when I was asked to attend Graduate Fashion Week I had expected to see wearable, relatable and ‘safe’ fashion. I hadn’t anticipated the heavy influences of McQueen and Westwood to be present; rather I had envisioned innocuous everyday fashion. I was pleasantly surprised to find my initial presumption was wrong. Had I experienced a fashion event full of wearable, monotonous fashion, as I had initially expected, then I would not have enjoyed the event, nor found it inspirational. Instead, the quirky and slightly bizarre garments, whilst leaving me confused, also left me with the desire to see more and an itching to know the reasoning behind the designs. It was as though I had attended the Mad Hatters tea party, whilst I was perplexed throughout; I was also captivated and thoroughly engaged. The type of reaction the designers were anticipating, I should imagine.

I attended the ‘Best Of Graduate Fashion Week’ show during the afternoon and this was definitely the highlight of the event for me personally. Firstly I was thrilled that Henry Holland introduced the show as I am a big fan of his collection for Debenhams. Having known designers, such as Henry, involved in the event definitely enhanced the appeal and excitement for me. Furthermore I was captivated during the entire catwalk, the beauty of the models and the inimitable designs of the garments had my attention throughout, and the interchanging of music and lighting created the perfect atmosphere. I cannot find fault within the catwalk performance. The models remained professional and dedicated during the fashion show; there wasn’t even so much as a wobble on the painfully high heels.

In regards to Graduate Fashion Week as a whole, as a law student I felt I was unfortunately unable to experience all the benefits of the event, primarily as I have no intention to study fashion design. However, those who are interested in studying fashion at a degree level would definitely have benefited from attending Graduate Fashion Week. The event mimicked a university open day, with various universities that offer degrees in fashion present, all of which were equip with prospectuses and helpful information, as well as displaying a variety of the incredible designs from recently graduated students, not to mention the various talks and workshops that were held throughout the week.

Overall I was very pleased to have attended the event, whilst the garments alone had me impressed, I had not anticipated just how much Graduate Fashion Week had to offer, nor had I expected the level of hard work and dedication that had clearly gone into creating such an impressive event. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Graduate Fashion Week in future, regardless of whether you would like to pursue a career in fashion or not, it’s an experience that should be shared with anyone who is remotely interested in clothing, or those who just have a serious love affair with Sex and the City. It really was a Carrie Bradshaw experience.

If you would like to know more about Graduate Fashion Week you can visit their website: http://www.gfw.org.uk/

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