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You can see the first part of my Motel Rocks review here.

As I mentioned in my last review post, Motel Rocks is more well known for its dresses and ‘party wear’ than for everyday wear, so when I was asked to choose two things from the website I immediately started admiring the dresses. Unfortunately I don’t have many occasions to wear such dresses, I don’t tend to go out very often (too much work and I get tired!!), so I decided to go for some more sensible everyday autumn/winter wears. The second item I eventually decided upon was the Husky Coat in Leopard Print Faux Fur.

I was a bit unsure about the coat after I’d finally decided upon. Last winter I’d come across the perfect leopard print faux fur coat in a charity shop but left it there because I was undecided; the next day I decided that I needed it, so I went back to the shop and, surprise surprise, it was gone. And I never came across another one I liked until now. But before it arrived I started having my doubts because it’s such a bold clothing item and really attracts attention to you.

However, when the package arrived, I loved it (although my dog didn’t…she tried to attack me when I put it on!). It was just as perfect as the one I’d seen in the charity, although it’s a little longer and has full length sleeves which seems far more sensible to me!

Today was the first time I actually put the coat on to go outside because it’s been too warm up until now! But it definitely kept me warm, in fact by the time I arrived at a lecture that I had to rush to because I was slightly late (even though once I got there I found out it was cancelled!) I was sweltering under all that fur!! So I can tell it’s going to be perfect once the snowy weather sets in.

The only problem I can really say I have with it is the size. They offer XS (8), S (10), M (12) and L (14) – usually I’d wear a size 8 , but I decided to go for the 10 in this so that in winter I can fit all my thick knit jumpers underneath it! However when I first tried it on over just a thin top, I thought it felt a little bit, but I thought once I put a jumper under it it would be alright, but today I wore it with a jumper underneath, and no such luck. It’s still that little bit too big so that the fastenings (hook and eye) don’t stay done up very well because they gape apart a little, that’s why I’m sort of holding it together in the pictures!!
I think that leopard print with red has just got to be a winning and classic combination, so I just had to throw on the red jeans with it. But here are a couple of other ways I’d like to try wearing it:

Motel Leopard Coat


 The outfit I’ve put together above actually consists of items I own (or very similar, I can’t get Anthropologie tights here!) so you might see me wearing it sometime! This would work as a sort of dressy/casual look, and the heels could easily be swapped for flats or brogues. And this would be for around this time of year now, just started to get cold enough to wear a coat but not freezing yet.

motel leopard 2


And this outfit would be perfect for when the snow rolls in (which I think it is inevitably going to do!). The colours are also those perfect burnt colours I keep going on about for autumn but will also transition well into winter, especially with the thick knit jumper.

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One thought on “Motel Rocks Review: Part Two

  1. Hey! Just found you linked over at Grazia 🙂 Lovely coat, I have one very similar and I reckon its a staple! You’re always going to wear it when it gets nippy plus I like the size! Think they look all the more cosy large!

    Will I see you at Motels next event? Big hugs xxx

    November 3, 2011 at 9:21 am

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