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I don’t know about you, but every year I think to myself, “I’m going to prepare well in advance this winter. I’m going to buy lots of lovely warm coats, boots, gloves, the works!” But I never do. And it’s always a huge shock to the system when the freezing cold weather arrives without warning and I’m still sporting my tiny t-shirts and leggings. Not exactly the warmest of clothes I can tell you.

With temperatures hitting minus figures and the expectancy of snow, I think it’s about time we all learned how to look smoking hot in the freezing cold conditions.


One of my favourite ways to spice up an outfit is to add a beautifully embellished scarf. Having a selection of scarves in neutral colours such as black, brown and cream is a great fashion tip as you can alternate them with almost every outfit you own. And most importantly, they keep you nice and toasty in the cooler months.

The great thing about scarves is how brilliantly versatile they are. They come in all lengths and sizes, a multitude of colours and materials and the best thing is, they never ever go out of style. I would advise a longer and thicker scarf during the winter months. They’re currently the bang-on trend being featured in fashion bibles like Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and of course they are lovely and warm!


‘Ugg’ boots were a huge success last winter and this season is no different. It’s time to push aside your beloved slip on dolly shoes and make way for a more sensible but also very stylish shoe. Ugg boots were originally reserved for Australian surfers who depended on the furry lining of the boots to keep their feet warm when emerging from the water. But nowadays they’re considered high fashion. Ugg boots are a hot and exceedingly popular fashion trend!

However, if you want to stand out from all of the other Ugg boot clones, help is at hand. Jimmy Choo have recently collaborated with Ugg in order to create a stylish twist on the boots classic design. These boots will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. But you’ll have to save all of your pretty pennies to afford a pair!

‘Mandah’ – A Jimmy Choo and Ugg Creation


Adding a thick scarf and a pair of warm boots should be all you need this winter. “What about the jumpers?” I hear you cry. Well, a trick I have been using for years is layering all of my summer clothes in order to stay stylish and warm. It is also a great money saver when you’re living a student lifestyle.

Layering a flowing floral dress with a thick knitted cardigan, thick tights, boots and a scarf will not only make you look super cool and casual, but it will keep you cozy and warm. Layering is definitely a great money saving tip!

Milla Jovovich, Elle Macpherson, Kate Bosworth & Mary-Kate Olsen

Now that I’ve shown you how, there should be no excuses for chilly feet this winter!

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