• Dressing for Tall Girls: Do’s and Don’ts

    Being a tall lady myself (5ft11”) I know how difficult it can be finding clothes that fit correctly, flattering a taller physique and overall make us feel great. It’s an unfortunate fact that the majority of clothes available on the high-street are aimed at shorter women but if your height surpasses 5’7” it is hard […]
  • The Vixen’s Valentine’s

    Over the years we have seen a dramatic shift in the role of the woman. We have seen the traditional perfect housewife get pushed aside by the contemporary woman. The contemporary woman: a strong entity who has the ability to surpass male success and do so in style. From this we have thrown our a-line […]
  • 10 Year-Round Wardrobe Essentials

    Everybody has items in their wardrobes that they deem ‘essential’. These often differ from season to season and person to person. Despite this, from our point of view there are ten year-round wardrobe essentials that we couldn’t live without. The styles may change but the basics are always there! We’ve assembled a list of basics […]