• New trend-led plus size range for boohoo.com

    It seems that after a long wait, the trend-led e-tailers are finally realising that not everybody who wants to look good is the same size as the models on their websites. The latest brand to cotton onto this is the fabulously cheap boohoo.com, and the even better news is that nothing in their new plus […]
  • Springtime Blazers

    As we move out of winter and into the spring (well, I hope)… we can begin to ditch the over sized jackets with the fur lining and opt for something a little more light weight. I often find it can be hard deciding what to wear in the spring, especially in the evening. You may […]
  • Floral Flavour For Festivals

    When you think festivals you usually think of a happy, lively and fun event, which centres on the celebration of good music in a communal way. In this way, why not absorb this optimistic energy by making yourself feel good through what you wear? After obtaining tickets, what to wear becomes the fore frontal question. […]