• Daydreaming in Dungarees

    It’s been a bright week and this can only mean one thing. Summer is almost here! It’s the time of year we’ve all been dreaming about. If you’re seeking a cool and casual style for summer, then look no further because there’s one trend that you can wear with anything. Dungarees. Yes, that’s right they’re […]
  • Trendy Tartan Treats

    Often associated with Scotland, the classic criss-cross design of a tartan kilt appears to be one of autumn’s favourite trends. Whilst the red base may be the immediate colour that comes to mind when you think tartan, the green and navy combination is also a great blend for an informal day-wear or work-wear look. What’s […]
  • Shop Fashion Trends to Suit Your Body Shape

    Let’s face it, we all have different body shapes. We range from straight up and down to curvy pear shapes, and this can sometimes make it hard to shop the newest trends to suit you. I’m sure at some point having heard the phrase “you can’t wear that, not with your shape,” many women have […]
  • AW13 High Street Trend: Tartan

    Autumn is here and with it comes an amazing range of fashion trends straight from the catwalk to the high street. But the one that has really made its mark on both high end and on the high street is the Tartan trend. From dresses to shorts, the iconic Scottish print has already been seen […]