• Student Spotlight: Sana Zara

    Sana Zara is a young and an aspiring fashion designer born in the beautiful city of Kashmir, and raised in Belgium. She is currently based in London. Sana developed her interest in fashion design when she was in high school and there she studied at L’Institut Bischoffsheim in Brussels. After completing high school she moved […]
  • Embodying Ethics with ROHAN CHHABRA

    He can use any object as a typology. He then inserts it into a system that portrays the life cycle of that object. He has used the typology of a trouser for example which transforms into a calf’s leg! Essentially, this is a method of mass communication of everyday objects. Here I started asking Chhabra […]
  • Siobhan McKenzie

    A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive two gorgeous dresses courtesy of  up-and-coming London based designer Siobhan McKenzie. Siobhan and I had been corresponding for a while and discussing in great detail which dresses would suit my style best. Her website, siobhanmckenzie.co.uk, has some gorgeous designs; everything from gorgeous vintage shirt dresses to floral batwing […]
  • Graduates Setup Clothing Brand!

    QCumber (a play on the word cucumber), is a brand new clothing company established by two recent graduates. SFB recently caught up with one of the founders, Robert Heaton, to learn more about the brand, its future, and how it got started. Check out the full interview below: SFB: Hi Rob, tell us a little about […]