• How to Start Up a Clothing Brand

    How We Formed a Clothing Brand For us it all started with a problem at University. I was studying Graphic Design in my 3rd year, and working on a project that involved printing my work onto a t-shirt.  I wanted my design to be bigger than a square in the centre. I further wanted it […]
  • Interview With BBC Apprentice 2012 Finalist, Nick Holzherr

    Last month we were lucky to get an opportunity to catch up with BBC Apprentice finalist, Nick Holzherr. Nick made it to the final stage of the Apprentice but unfortunately Lord Sugar was not sold on his internet startup, which to us seems like it could really catch on (check it out here.) We chatted about brands, […]
  • 9 Tips to Help You Bag Your Dream Job in the Fashion Industry

    There is a colourful spectrum of fashion careers out there. Jobs can vary from brand directors, designers, to garment technologists, buyers, merchandisers, marketers and journalists. Each role can differ dramatically from the next, but all are sown together through the intricate stitching of fashion. If you’ve recently graduated with a fashion related degree or simply […]
  • Two Books Every Fashion Student Should Check Out

    The books in this series are recommended by colleges and universities around the world, as well as being used for inspiration by many designers. Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling explains how to analyze and translate fashion collections. Richly illustrated with styled shots that have been created by both professionals and undergraduates, this book proves that even on a limited budget, […]
  • Giles Deacon – “I love this App!”

    At the ‘Drawing Fashion’ talk with Colin McDowell (a senior Fashion Writer for the Sunday Times) at the Design Museum in London last Friday, Giles Deacon (the British fashion designer responsible for many of New Look’s offerings) wowed his audience when he admitted to doing some of his design drawing on his iPad, using his favourite […]
  • Want to Feature in a Prime Time T.V. Show? Apply Here!

    Are you an extreme shopaholic or do you know someone who is? Is your wardrobe bursting with your favourite brand items which you top up every month? Are you obsessed with shoes and buy a new pair each week? Or maybe you’re a blazer fiend who has a vast array of designer jackets? Whatever your clothes addiction, […]
  • 10 Questions to Help You Start Your Own T-shirt Brand

    1. How much do you know about existing t-shirt companies? For a while you need to live and breath your competition. This isn’t just an exercise in knowing what you’re up against. It is an exercise that involves knowing why certain brands are doing better than others. If you don’t know which brands are successful […]
  • Another Internship Opportunity at Aitor Throup

    Aitor Throup, the highly acclaimed menswear designer based in London has 3 internship opportunities for aspiring fashion students. Earlier this year, one of our writers took part in the internship and she gained an enormous amount of experience and contacts, so it could be worth checking out if you are interested in the fashion industry. […]
  • Job Vacancies at Claire’s and Peacocks

    For fashion course graduates who graduated this summer, check out these fashion related job opportunities: Running as part of the Graduate Fashion Week Protégé Project the following companies are offering short term contracts at an affordable wage to graduates from member universities of the 2010 Graduate Fashion Week (full list here). Claire’s Accessories Role: Administrator […]